Company Info

Rayan Plastic Factory Company was founded in 1989 in Riyadh, Second Industrial City and located Riyadh in the Capital of Saudi Arabia. Extending an area of 15000 square meters, Rayan Plastic Factory Company is bearing on its shoulders all kinds of plastic packaging needs of GCC Countries and Middle East. Advanced technology and process made Rayan Plastic Factory Company as one of the leading manufacturers of highest quality packaging materials in Saudi Arabia, GCC Countries, and Middle East.

Since its beginning, Rayan Plastic Factory Company is growing steadily, expanding and diversifying from extrusion to injection moulding and printing, over the years we became a great competitor in the speedy growing market for plastic packaging. Now-a-days, Rayan Plastic Factory Company completed product range includes polyethylene bags, polyethylene rolls, disposable spoons, disposable forks, & sweets plates.

To be always ahead of this competition, Rayan Plastic Factory Company always searching for the highest product quality and expertise in marketing throughout the Kingdom, GCC Countries and Middle East.

Rayan Plastic Factory Company has very well trained staff of Employees, Engineers, Technicians, Quality Control Engineers and labours.

We are working hard for sincerity adherence to the most perfect quality standards. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products

Rayan Plastic Factory Company knows well and believe in partnership and cooperation with each of our customers. Therefore, we work closely with each customer from the stage of his idea and design up to final product development. In case any technical problems appear, our specialists are always ready to solve.

We are always encouraging innovation to reach the new product development. In Rayan Plastic Factory Company creation and innovation are both respected and rewarded. We are continuously studying and monitoring the needs of the market to enable us to create new opportunities in plastic manufacturing and trying our best to offer our customers a spacious choice of solutions for their requirements.